Google Ads Lincoln

Welcome to my space on the web. I’m hugely keen on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and also SEO. PPC has been a part of my fulltime daily employment for over 5 years now. I oversee Google Ads (formerly Adwords), Google Shopping and Bing Adverts. Because of my experience I felt now was a good time to share some of my PPC and SEO hints and tips with the rest of the internet.

google ads Lincoln

For those who are unsure what it involves, PPC advertising revolves around bidding on advertising space to try to get potential leads or customers to click on the adverts you have created, that will usually link through to a service or a product to buy page. This may sound fairly simple but it’s not. There are 3 main points that need to be considered for a PPC advertising campaign to be considered good value for money. The 3 main requirements are:

  • Compelling, relevant advert copy
  • Fully optimised landing page that is relevant to the advert copy
  • High keyword quality score – the better the quality score the cheaper the cost-per-click (cpc)

A lot of behind the scenes work is done to ensure the cpc is reduced or increased depending on various factors. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Device used to show advert
  • Hour of day
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Audience remarketing

The amount of planning, preparation and continual work on a Google Ads account all depends on the size of the actual account. The Google Ads account is broken down into relevant campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Once the campaigns have been set up it is necessary to continually analyse the account by creating your own analytical spreadsheets and also using the reports that Google Ads will provide you with. Marketing spend can easily be capped so there is no worry that you’ll end up spending too much, but over time you will see there is a correlation between how much you spend and the amount of revenue you can generate.

If you have any Google Ads related questions please contact John Daulton for any advice.